Museveni serving his master US in Somalia, says Kyanjo

Hussein Kyanjo

Former Makindye West MP Hussein Kyanjo says Uganda went in Somalia to perform two roles; to protect the fragile government in power as they prepare to grow and train their army and police forces but along the way, a third role came, to help them train some their parliamentarians.

He was speaking on the death of 10 UPDF soldiers who were slain in an al-Shabaab attack on African Union Mission in Somalia [Amisom] base.

“I’m not unsympathetic to the soldiers themselves but the soldiers know what they are doing, they are in Somalia to earn money, they are not in Somalia for the roles they were assigned.”

Kyanjo said now Uganda degenerated slowly from that role to start engaging in battle, there was a government of the ‘Union of the Islamic court’, Somalia was safer than it is today.

“I get hurt when I hear people saying Somalis are terrorists, Uganda is serving the interests of a foreign master, the US. They are giving you a false story, when people are going to Somalia, they line up and fight for selection because they know the pay is higher there.”

Kyanjo who was appearing on NBS television, said it was discovered that some of the Ugandan military officers in Somalia were selling military items to Somalis.

“You say you apprehended them but where are they? These are royal members of Uganda.”

According to Kyanjo, Somalis are dying, the disadvantages as opposed to the good things are glaring. The state of Somalia is governed primarily by the state of Uganda, what changes is just the name.

“Nobody should convince you that we’re fighting for Pan-African interests. Why only Somalia, is it the only country in such a state? The war is lucrative, they are earning billions in Somalia and they would wish the war doesn’t end.” He said President Museveni and his army were telling lies and concealing the actual number of soldiers who perished. Al-Shabaab said it killed over 59 soldiers.

“You can’t bring here a brother of a dead soldier who hasn’t been declared. The bodies are much more than what they tell us.”

He added: “The reason why we are still in Somalia is because it’s still fragile, all the institutions including the parliament are fragile and non-functioning, and these are not successes.”

He said the United Arab Emirates [UAE] was the major trading partner with Somalia, when these people went in, that trade collapsed.

“Turkey attempted, but Turkish airlines is involuntarily pushing the flight schedule, but the war can’t let them because these people create this environment.”




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