NRM is the only practical party, says Museveni

Museveni and Janet in Ruhaama

Over the weekend, President Museveni and First Lady Janet Museveni went to Nshwerenkye Church of Uganda in Kiruhura for Easter prayers where they had an opportunity to speak to the congregation about directing energies into socio-economic projects for the good of generations to come.

“I am a firm believer of the need for mankind to establish dominion over the earth, and to do that, we must be prepared to constantly adopt appropriate changes while maintaining our peculiar cultural heritage,” Museveni said after the service.

He thanked the people of Nkore and the greater cattle corridor for heeding his teaching against nomadism.

“And now it’s time to move this on to rotational grazing and de-stocking in some cases where the animals are much more than the available land.”

He said, for example, a Frisian cow which does not produce up to 40 litres of milk per day is a burden to its owner.

“The issue of ticks is being handled by government and we shall need maximum compliance of farmers on this because we found that ticks had built resistance to the drugs because of being misused.”

He said family units are very close to this socio-economic struggle.

“This is why I speak of moving from physical division of property among children/family members to shareholding in a unified business entity where each one plays a role. This is the way of the future and the children must be taught and prepared for this.”

Janet in church

He said this extends to daughters who in old times were disregarded from parent homes when they got married.

“I think marriage is good and our daughters must go and become part of their marital homes but remain with an irrevocable stake in the family of their parents.”

He welcomed Mrs. Fausta Bagaza, former first Lady of Burundi to Uganda and wished her all a happy Easter.

At the start of the week, the president was in Nyakyera, Ruhama in Ntungamo District with Mama Janet Kataha Museveni where they joined NRM supporters in a thanksgiving celebration.

The people of Ruhama have been ardent supporters of the NRM.

He talked to them about poverty alleviation, environment conservation, health and nutrition.

These are crosscutting issues that are neither partisan nor religious and must be addressed all the way to the grassroots, the president noted.

“And this is why we believe it is important to vote NRM into leadership because it is the only party that addresses the real issues with a practical way forward.”






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