UCC grabs illegal broadcaster with 43 national IDs


Uganda Communications Commission [UCC] enforcement team says it has recovered 43 National Identity Cards [IDs] from an illegal broadcaster.

The illegal broadcaster locally known as bizindalo was arrested in Kitemu Nsangi Wakiso district.

Katerega Robert, the proprietor, was found in possession of 43 IDs and has been taken to Luzira prison.

Last year, UCC which regulates the broadcasting industry, cracked on outdoor ‘megaphone’ community broadcasters locally known as bizindalo. UCC banned the operations of bizindalo accusing them of contravening the law and promised a crackdown without further warning.

Backed by the police, the regulator raided a number of Kampala suburbs and confiscated a number of bizindalo or megaphone speakers.

UCC guidelines for new IDs

Not a while ago, UCC released a new set of stringent steps for telecom subscribers to acquire or replace mobile phone SIM cards.

According to the new guidelines, anyone seeking to acquire or replace their mobile SIM card must provide both a valid Police report and a letter from the National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) to validate that their national identity card is authentic.

It had earlier proposed installation Application Programming Interface (API) which is hoped to ensure real time accurate verification and validation of sim card registration information by the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA).

The applicant will then be re-registered by the telecom operator using bio metrics and a photograph.

He/she will be issued with a fresh sim card registration form and the company will ensure that he/she is using the new car in a genuine Type Approved device.

The names on the confiscated IDs




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