Anywar’s confusion ended by embracing NRM-Museveni

Museveni and Anywar

President Museveni has congratulated Hon. Beatrice Anywar, the Kitgum Municipality MP, for finally embracing the revolutionary message of the NRM after years of constantly bringing confusion among her people.

Anywar invited the president to her constituency where broke ground for the construction of the Centenary Church Kitgum, St Janani Luwum Church and the Irene Gleeson Memorial Public Library and Youth Training Centre.

He also addressed a gathering at Boma Grounds.

The issues that are being used to cause confusion are fundamentally valid but only the NRM has the practical and sustainable plan of resolving them, Museveni said.

He said quality vs quantity of education, cattle compensation and salaries of public servants among other things are the issues.

Victoria University

“While we have made tremendous progress, we must continue to be organized in prioritization to achieve better results.”

Blatant lies have also been told against government, Museveni said, urging wanainchi not to listen.

He said in the case of nodding disease, studies have shown that the syndrome is associated with river blindness.

It is transmitted by the black fly which operates like the female anopheles mosquito in relation to malaria.

He said government will therefore carry out a mass treatment twice a year in parts of Northern Uganda in the month of April and October and we shall hopefully have more districts declared free of nodding disease.

The success of the treatment will entirely depend on community’s compliance as it must be administered at the same time.

“The people of Acholi took part in bringing peace to this country and a lot of them paid heavily during the LRA insurgence. I thank you and urge you to resist detractors of the deliberate moves to consolidate these efforts.”



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