Museveni turns crime preventers into reserve army

Museveni meeting crime preventers

President Museveni says the over 3,000 regional coordinators of crime preventers from across the country will now be part of the national army.

The programme of crime preventers is founded on some of the strategies that the National Resistance Army (NRA) used during the bush war.

“We had NRA soldiers, and the militia. The role of the militia was to guard villages, rarely engaging in active combat,” he said while meeting the coordinators.

Museveni saluted Gen. Kale Kayihura for diligently implementing the crime preventers programme and overseeing it to its fruition.

Crime preventers will maintain their duties as they are now regarded as a Reserve Army of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), he said.


He urged regional coordinators to ensure that those (Crime preventers) under their authority are disciplined and organised.

“You should also be exemplary actors in poverty eradication in the areas where you live.”

He said crime preventers should lead in the revolution of being crime preventers and wealth creators.

Regional coordinators should work jointly with Operation Wealth Creation officials to identify crime preventers per parish to be aided, the president urged.

“I am happy to learn that crime preventers have formed and decentralized their SACCOs, with branches country wide. We shall offer some support to each of these next financial year.”



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