Joy as Kamwenge CAO Masereka is kicked out

Kamwenge district administration block

Joy and celebrations are currently ongoing in Kamwenge district following the transfer of the Chief Administrative Officer [CAO], Mr Amis Asuman Masereka.

In a letter dated March 12, Masereka was ordered to report to Bukomansimbi district local government without fail.

He was replaced by Ms Edith Hamusiwasi Mutabazi who has been the CAO of Nakaseke district.

According to reports from Kamwenge, Masereka [a Mukonjo] had reportedly filled the district with his cousins and daughters.

The letter appointing new CAO

“Now Kamwenge voters and political leaders are celebrating his transfer,” a source at the district told us.

Masereka who hails from Kasese district had stayed in Kamwenge for five years making himself infamous with “tribal recruitments, promotions and financial misappropriation”.

He reportedly divided district staff into groups consequently demotivating them.

“The political leadership is very happy especially district chairman, executive, councillors, and MPs—that at last Masereka is gone.”

Voters have been crying of poor service delivery and corruption in road construction and finance as well as corruption in the Service Commission headed by Dr Fabius Byaruhanga [former minister of agriculture].

The letter transferring Masereka

Before going to Kamwenge, Masereka served in Kisolo, Kamuli and Mityana districts where he allegedly left people cursing.

In Kamwenge, under Operations Wealth Creation [OWC], billions of money were reportedly wasted on tea planting only for the project to fail miserably.

MP declares war

Eng Cuthbert Abigaba Mirembe, the MP Kibale County Kamwenge District, had even made a declaration to kick out corruption out of the district.

“Dear friends, I am starting a war in Kamwenge where I call for support of everyone. I don’t like wars and most of the time I avoid the same but I have been pushed so much and am now compelled to fight and I am sure we shall win this having been armed with some insights in best procedures to manage sophisticated similar wars from the just concluded working visit to the Republic of Kenya,” Mirembe said.

The alleged war was about corruption and all sorts of unfairness in Recruitment and later promotion of district staff in Kamwenge District Local Government.

Here is the full declaration:

I have sacrificed to lead this war considering the numerous complaints I have registered in regards to how the District Service Commission conducts the recruitment and promotions process.

The process is full of corruption thru exchange of money, favouritism, gender bias.

The effect if this is that competent and qualified people have been left out and kept at same level for a long time.

This has led to unemployment of our own sons and daughters who may not afford to appease the District Service Commission bosses to their satisfaction.

I have gathered considerable incredible evidence and information and I intendn o petition a number of higher offices in this country Myself on behalf of those who have been unfairly eliminated.

This is to: 1. Call upon anyone who feels has been unfairly handled by the Kamwenge District Service Commission to immediately inbox me and I advise how to reach me

2. Call on everyone (media, journalists, religious leaders, civil society, political leaders, security teams, youth groups, etc) to join me as we fight this monster out of Kamwenge.



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