MP Amongin honoured with Mandela award

MP Amongin

Jacqueline Amongin, the NRM MP for Ngora has been honoured with Mandela Women Leadership Prize.

Amongin was honoured on Monday with an award from Mandela Institute for her efforts towards social justice and community transformation in Uganda.

Amongin is among the 15 figures worldwide who were awarded the Mandela Prize Award at the awards ceremony in France.

Other awardees include: Presidents of Tanzania, Kenya, Chad, Burundi and Ethiopia.

Victoria University

Amongin is the chairperson and founder of the JADEF Laureate 2017 of the Mandela Women’s Leadership Prize.

A member of the Pan-African Parliament, Amongin now ranks among the fifteen leading figures and institutions for the 2017 award.

The Mandela prizes are awarded annually to personalities or institutions for their laudable actions in favour of Africa and peace, in the spirit of Pan Africanism.



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