Gashumba dog Kinchi dies on drip before being flown to Nairobi  

Gashumba with Kinchi before it passed on

Social media critic and political commentator Frank Gashumba, on Monday March 19, 2018, buried his “true certified friend Kinchi with respect, dignity and love” at a private function.

For most families and individuals that have lived with dogs, the loss of a pet can mean as much anguish and pain as a death of a family member, Gashumba said after the burial.

The activist did his best to save the life of the American Sheep Dog [Kinchi] to no avail.

A day before, he had written on social media: “When your dog dies, the pain is as agonising as losing your best friend. Today, my family and I lost our beloved pet, Kinchi. It was 12 years and probably one of the best dogs we have ever had. It was pretty, lovely, tough and loyal.”

Gashumba shows his love for the dog

He added: “If you have lived with dogs, you do realise that dogs are not just pets, but rather part of the family. The difference between humans and dogs is that the latter don’t fake love. Our own Kinchi has been battling with cancer for five years. We have been to literally every veterinary doctor you know in Kampala, in a bid to try and save Kinchi’s life. But God had other plans for him.”

Gashumba even had Kinchi put on drip curtsey of Makerere University Veterinary Department, Dr. Badaza of Small Animals’ clinic Wandegeya.

Kinchi was scheduled to be flown to Nairobi for further treatment and management but it unfortunately passed on.

Kinchi on drip

“Any person who was close to me knew Kinchi. Every morning Kinchi would come to my car before I leave for work. When I report back after work, it was always the first to welcome me back, with his sweet barks. He would proceed to escort me to my bedroom and we would tell each other about how our day went. Kinchi was loyal.”

He says at night, when Kinchi would hear something strange, it would go to his bedroom and hover around the door, in some sort of bid to alert him that something was going on, and he needed to get up and check it out.

Kinchi was a unique dog and if there is heaven, then he must be there right now celebrating, Gashumba narrated.

Kinchi with Shiela Gashumba

“I have been betrayed by people that I loved and cared for. But not my Kinchi! Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that dogs are more valuable or important than human beings. One thing for sure though is that dogs have unconditional love and they are not hypocrites.”

He added: “Before he went onto the next world, something strange happened with Kinchi. It was unconscious and early in the morning, I drove it to Small Animal clinic in Wandegeya. At this point, it was practically life less. I spent two hours at the animal clinic, and to my surprise, shortly before its last breathe, Kinchi opened its eyes for like 30 seconds, it tried standing up and unfortunately it was no more. It tried opening its eyes to say goodbye to me before taking its last breathe.”

According to Gashumba, humans have a lot to learn from dogs.

There are unconfirmed reports claiming that Kinchi was buried in a Shs20m casket.



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