POA 100 Days: Amuriat focus turns to 317 ‘traitorous’ MPs

Patrick Amuriat

Forum for Democratic Change Party president Patrick Amuriat Oboi on Monday released a report of his 100 days in Presidency.

Among the achievements is, registering new members, including former Makerere Lecturer and activists Dr. Stellah Nyanzi, Former Rwampala MP Vincent Kyamadidi and Former Lugazi Mayor John Bosco Aseya, among others.

The Party President has also revealed that 500,000 party cards have been sold to the different party branches.

The function held at their Headquarters in Najjanankumbi this afternoon was attended by top party leaders, Joyce Nabbosa Ssebugwawo, Dan Malcom Matsiko former party presidential candidate, Ingrid Turinawe and Kyambogo University and Makerere guild Presidents elect German Amanya and Papa Were Salim respectively.

The new Party President assumed office on 1st December, 2017 after a swearing in and handover ceremony that took place in Najjanankumbi.

Victoria University

The Party President pledged to deliver to the Party members the accomplishments of his first 100 days at the expiry of that period.

On 19th March, 2018 the President presents his record of work for the period 1st December, 2017 to 18th March, 2018 which accounts for 100 days exclusive of Christmas and other holidays.

This is a new tradition in the Party where accountability will be emphasized going forward from now.

The then Presidential candidate’s campaign was premised on four pillars against which this report is structured and these are: Party Cohesion, Reclaiming our victory, Revitalization of Party Structures, and Women and Youth Empowerment.

Party cohesion

The report says the party has largely been stable since the President assumed office and we can confidently state that it is operating normally this far.

In keeping with the promise to enhance Party Cohesion, the Party president has reached out to former Party Presidential Candidates.

“During my acceptance speech, I promised to reach out to my brothers against whom I competed in an effort to urge them to join me to work for our party.”

He reached out to Gen. Mugisha Muntu in meetings that took place on 1st and 8th December, 2017 “when we discussed the stability of the party in relation to his contribution to it”.

He met Mr. Dan Matsiko at the swearing ceremony on 1st December, 2017. There was unplanned meeting which took place at the funeral of his mother in Igara East.

“I have continued to enjoy good relationship with Mr. Matsiko and I believe that he can be a useful member of the party who has emerged from the presidential election of the 24th November, 2017 election.”

He also met Mr. Moses Byamugisha in January and held a discussion on his future role as member of the party. The meeting was cordial. Mr. Byamugisha has since the election been travelling around the country mobilizing especially young leaders as a means of beneficially deploying his skills.

Amuriat held meetings with the national leadership and Party Organs that recognised the Presidency of Owek. Joyce Naboosa Sebugwawo Hon. Reagan Okumu.

He is yet to meet Hon. Alice Alaso Asianut and Mr. Patrick Baguma.

He says the working relationship with the Deputy Presidents met has continued to flourish and helped the party access vital information from the regions.

He has been reaching out to families of victims of women murders in Nansana, Wakiso district, as part of the women’s day activities by a team led by Ms. Sarah Eperu and Dr. Stella Nyanzi the Spokesperson women’s league and woman activist respectively.

A delegation of 5 leaders from Kasese district led by their Chairman Mr. Saulo Maate, visited the Party headquarters on a working visit.

The meeting which was also attended by the Secretary General discussed and resolved matters that included discipline among leaders, the security situation in the district, leadership structure filling and an impending visit to the Rwenzori region by the Party President.

The founding FDC president Col. (Rtd) Dr. Kizza Besigye visited the Party headquarter to deliver a paper during the training of media activist. He later held brief discussions with the leadership of the party.

An interactive meeting between the FDC Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) Councilors was held on 7th March, 2018, with the President and DSG, to establish a working relationship between them and the party leadership, and to understand the challenges that they face as city leaders.

Amuriat has  also interfaced with Members of Parliament with the intention of identifying a way of building bridges between the different factions in Parliament arising from the internal presidential election.

It was also intended to build confidence and mutual respect, and to heal the wounds arising from that election and establish a cordial working relationship convenient to both the Members of Parliament and the leadership of the Party.

More to achieve

Over the next few months, Amuriat will continue with the activities whose lifespan goes beyond the first 100 days.

“We will also be unveiling new field activities intended to engage the dictatorship in areas that affect the common Ugandan population negatively.”

“We will be engaged in the following campaigns as we continue engaging the Junta,” he said, adding that this will entail demanding for social services and accountability for taxes Ugandans pay, restoration of the status quo of the constitution before the December amendment.

This will include the continued isolation campaign against the 317 MPs who betrayed Ugandans and fighting against land grabbing and the impending constitutional amendment of Article 26 intended to deprive common Ugandan of ownership of their land.

“Reclaim our victory from 2016, wherever they we stolen, rebuilding of the Party into a robust institution that Ugandans can count on as the best alternative to lead this country.”

He added: “This will include but will not be limited to aggressive membership recruitment and retention, completing the elections to fill up structures and facilitate their activities and training and empowering our structures.”




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