Not witnesses, Kirumira wants case dismissed


Former Buyende District police commander, ASP Muhammad Kirumira, has asked police disciplinary court to acquit him of charges of unlawful exercise of power and corruption saying charges are irrelevant and lacking of sufficient evidence.

ASP Kirumira was giving his defence at Police disciplinary court over charges of unlawful exercise of authority when he arrested officers from the flying squad and release on bond without charge.

He said the case should be dismissed because the complaint and witness lost interest.

He is accused of releasing ASP Michael Mugabi who had reportedly connived with others to steal Shs100m from former IGP Gen Kale Kayihura.

Money estimated to be more than Shs100m was allegedly stolen from Gen Kayihura’s office in a move that involved police officers and civilians working in his office in 2013.

Victoria University

Kirumira denied releasing Assistant Commissioner, Michael Mugabi, who was suspected to have masterminded the theft.

Prosecution claims that Kirumira detained Constable Ainebyona, Ibrahim Nsubuga, Kyazze Tabu and George Kalera but released Kalera after he extorted Shs1.3m from him.

The police prosecutor, Katherine Kusemererwa, has since failed to present witnesses in these allegations.

Court Chairman, Denis Odongpiny, said court will give its verdict on Kirumira’s request. He adjourned the case to next Tuesday.

Police court has so far dismissed 20 out of 28 counts of extortion, corruption, torture, assault, unlawful arrests and discreditable conduct slapped against Kirumira.



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