Museveni regime is rotten, says Bishop Muhima

Bishop Muhima

Retired Anglican Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese, Dr Edward Muhima, has warned President Museveni that unless he returns the fear of God into his leadership, the country will continue to rot from top to bottom.

Bishop Muhima who was speaking at thanksgiving service at Ndejje Secondary School in Luweero District at the weekend, said a society with a “rotten moral fibre” cannot be transformed.

Muhima’s remarks came only a day after Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa, said Museveni is like Jesus Christ in his deeds and next to God when it comes to Intelligence Quotient [IQ].

Presiding over Women’s Day celebrations for Rukiga district at Nyeikunama Primary School playground in Muhanga town council, Nankabirwa said Museveni is a special gift to Ugandan women.

“We must fight hard to ensure that he stays our leader,” said Nankabirwa noted, adding that Museveni will not betray the women when asked to stand again in 2023.

But Bishop Muhima says he has openly told President Museveni that the country is totally rotten before leaders have put themselves before God.

He cited cases of leaders who divert public money to build private mansions and those who lead the country without divine guidance.

“I can strongly assert that there is no political leader who will change Uganda unless we get leaders who fear and respect God,” the bishop is quoted by Daily Monitor as saying.

He said the economy has been betrayed by selfish individuals who now visit witch doctors and sorcerers after stealing from the poor.

“Our people have special days when they go to consult evil spirits. We have been undertaking a research to find out why many people leave Kampala City and move to rural areas on Wednesday,” he is futher quoted as saying.

He added: “Our findings point to witchcraft. They move out to go and consult the evil spirits.”



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