Kagame right-hand man in trouble for snatching married woman

Kayitesi Immaculate

Rwanda super Minister James Musoni is being accused of snatching and impregnating a married a woman.

Kayitesi Immaculate, the woman in question, is married to Rwanda Defence Force [RDF] soldier Rtd Capt Safari Patrick.

According to a pro-government publication Igehe.com, Capt Safari who served in the army between 1991 and 2005 and later worked in different ministries including local government, ministry of finance and the Rwanda Governance Board.

The retired captain says his wife and mother to his daughter was snatched and impregnated when he had gone to upgrade his education at Makerere University in Kampala Uganda around 2014.

The former soldier married Kayitesi after educating her in 2010. He has also helped educate her other sister on top of supporting the family.

Kayitesi Immaculate

The soft-spoken 47-year-old got to know about his wife’s infidelity from neighbours who told him that a certain man was visiting his wife on weekends and sometimes after work in week days.

The neighbours who couldn’t tell exactly who the man was only referred to him as a “powerful man in government”.

The captain then decided to conduct an investigation only to discover the said man was James Musoni, the minister of infrastructure.

When he confronted the wife, he was barred from accessing his house by security guards from one of the local security companies.

In a video interview posted on Igihe Youtube channel, Safari says that his former wife with the help of the minister has made life hell for him.

Rtd Capt Safari Patrick

He lost everything including a house and car to the woman after the subsequent divorce.

Musoni allegedly influenced the court process to the extent that Capt Safari was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

He was accused of presenting forged documents by his divorced wife to overturn the ruling by the High Court.

Minister set to resign

Musoni’s troubles started recently at the “Umisikirano” or The National Retreat when President Paul Kagame rebuked him for his love for public attention and the camera.

Musoni who many have seen next to the president, is a married man with children but has reportedly sired a number of other kids out of the wedlock.

Minister James Musoni

He apparently has children with an unnamed woman for whom he built a house in Jinja town eastern Uganda.

He recently represented Kagame at the East African Infrastructure summit in Kampala.

According to sources, Musoni has been the most powerful man after Kagame in Rwanda Patriotic Front [RPF] party.

“He will either resign or be fired. After that, he will be headed to prison,” the source said.

Musoni has held the following positions:

2000-2001, Musoni served as the Deputy Commissioner General of Rwanda Revenue Authority.

2001–2005, promoted to Commissioner General of Rwanda Revenue Authority.

2005–2005 State minister for Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion, Tourism and Cooperatives.

2005–2006, Minister for Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion, Tourism and Cooperatives.

2006–2009, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning from 2006 until 2009.

2009–2014, Minister of Local Government. 2014–2018, Minister of Infrastructure.


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