Brig Sabiiti: police must perform functions of a military force

Brig Sabiiti at Kigo Police Marines base

The Deputy Inspector General of Police, Brig Sabiti Muzeyi, has passed out 609 police officers who completed a two-month security management course at the Marine Base at Kigo, Wakiso District.

The passed out officers were drawn from the Kampala Metropolitan Police and Greater Masaka Police Region.

“It is with great pleasure that I represent the Inspector General of Police as the chief guest at closure of basic security management course – the first task to preside over a police function as Deputy Inspector General of Police. What a beautiful welcome,” DIGP Sabiiti said.

DIGP Sabiiti added: “This course was derived from the police council meeting recommendations requiring all police directorates, units, and regions to conduct regular internal capacity building programmes for their personnel. I observed what you have been able to achieve in a period of two months and I must tell you, I am very happy.”

DIGP Sabiiti pledged total support for the programme as a way of professionalizing the Uganda Police Force.


To the trainees, he said “go and apply these skills and knowledge you have acquired for the benefit of the community that we serve”.

“Endeavour to remain healthy so as to serve longer and look after your families. There is a very serious problem of Hepatitis B. It has a vaccine so it is important that commanders make sure that people are checked and immunized. HIV/Aids is still a threat and it demobilises and kills. If you have it, don’t go and lock yourself in the house. Seek treatment,” he said.

He spoke about the common topic of debate “The militarisation of police” saying that the country needs to know that the policing environment has changed overtime.

He said this encompasses violent criminals in local societies, organised and transnational crimes where police has to respond as the first line of defence in national security.

The police should at all times be ready to perform functions of a military force as guided by the Police Act, Sabiiti argued.

“Kama unauwezo unatipa sila unakimbia kazi literally meaning no officer has the power to throw his/her riffle and desert or run away from duty. A man of value does not runaway from responsibility and the responsibility of an officer is to protect life and property of Ugandans,” he added:

Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, Commissioner of Police Frank Mwesigwa, said, “This course came up as a result of training needs assessment. We conducted after carrying out assessment in the field and we saw that there is a lot of work that must be done.”

He said  police challenges are lack of team cohesion, fitness. So far, police have trained over 1,000 officers.

Commissioner Mwesigwa added that the training will also address operational mistakes done in the field.

“This course addresses all that. So use the skills to build the name of the institution and our mandate as police officers,” he said.

The officers were trained in weapon handling, martial art, self-defence and public order management.



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