I want to stay in police as a crime preventer-Kayihura

Kayihura at the hand over ceremony

Former police chief Kale Kayihura has asked his successor Okoth Ochola to allow him help the force while working as a crime preventer.

“I am ready to help police as a crime preventer,” Kayihura said at the handover ceremony held at Naguru police headquarters on Thursday.

Kayihura who served police for over 12 years said he will remain a loyal soldier of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) and a cadre in the struggle to liberate Uganda.

Appearing on NBS television early in the week, police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima, said during the reign of Gen Katumba Wamala, one of the things he wished he had changed was the welfare of police and when gen. Kayihura came in, he had a lot of energy.

“He has changed a lot in the force. But gen. Kayihura has largely performed in the direction I expected him. He is just departing from police but he is still in this country. If there are officers who are living in panic, it’s their problem. Why should they?” Kayima wondered.


He said police as an institution is always guided and a few days ago, Interior minister Gen Jeje Odongo was of the view that they need to have a policy on crime preventers and be clear on who are they, where are they and how to punish them when they go overboard.

“We shall take care of them. One of the things we tell officers is to be ready for transfers anytime, anywhere. When you are prepared, you get opportunities, you get new challenges and things you never new.”

Appearing on NTV this week, Blaise Kamugisha, the National Co-ordinator Crime Preventers, said they will continue with their work because they serve the country and not particular people as many think.

Kamugisha refuted claims that they are a partisan group arguing that since it is a Presidential Initiative and their patron is not himself partisan, there is noway they would be.

“It was a coincidence that the programme was more active in the election period but it was already ongoing, just that elections required more manpower which we provided,” he told NTV.

“Crime prevention is a presidential programme, in any case, we have crime preventers who support the President, we don’t have the capacity to dress them so if one puts on a Museveni T-shirt, it doesn’t mean the whole programme is partisan,” he explained.

He also re-affirmed Kayihura’s 11 million as the exact number of crime preventers around the whole country.

“After the handover of the old leadership to the new leadership, we shall engage with them but we have congratulated them and we are happy, these are normal changes and so there should be cause for an alarm,” he said.

The new police chiefs Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth-Ochola, and his deputy, Brig Sabiiti Muzeyi, will decide the fate of crime preventers.



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