I envy Kale, says Jeje as Ochola & Sabiiti take office

New IGP Ochola and his deputy Sabiiti at the handover ceremony [Photo credit: Bamulanzaki]

Newly appointed Inspector General of Police, Okoth Ochola, and his deputy Brig Muzeeyi Sabiiti have taken office handed over by former IGP Kale Kayihura at Naguru police headquarters.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, IGP Ochola assured everyone that as a team, they shall continue with the work the former IGP started.

“I take this opportunity to congratulate Brig. Sabiiti as my deputy.”

He urged directors and all police officers to accord them all the help they shall need.

“Therefore, I call upon members of the press to continue rendering a positive role in Police work.”


Asan Kasingye, the Chief Political Commissar, requested that Kayihura’s statue be placed in a corner of fame at the Police headquarters among other people who did great for the Force.

“You have done your part and you should be satisfied, if I were you, I would dwell more on my contribution than weaknesses,” said State Minister for Internal Affairs Obiga Kania.

Kania said the only challenge the new leadership has is the great expectation in the country.

“The expectation is that the new IGP is coming to do miracles but we shall be there to support you.”

The Minister of Internal Affairs Jeje Odongo said he envies Kayihura for making news ever since he was replaced.

“I envy Gen Kale, for one week now, he has made news consistently. Ask yourself, can you make news for one week.”

Jeje said physically, he can see structures although people might say Kayihura didn’t do it alone.

“I recognize that you were the driver of the team. Quite often, we are faced with resource challenges, there is so much we want to do but we are restrained however during your tenure, that didn’t stop you. Thank you.”

He added: “You are around the corner, do not abandon us, be part of us and be part of the challenges we continue to face.”

Jeje said one of the challenges is the negative image that the Police has acquired in the last weeks, the question is what to do because it is a fact that we can’t wash away.

“One of the ways you can deal with it is looking through yourselves, maybe if you have contributed to the tainted image, then you will need to check yourselves.”

He said the second challenge is the high rate of crime.

“It is always important to understand the root causes of these crimes, ask yourselves what is it in a society that permits crime to grow”.



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