Sex: police foils singer Barbie Jay roadside quickie

Barbie Jay and a girl in a car [Bukedde photo]

Old Kampala police on Sunday foiled singer Barbie Jay’s planned roadside sex as a way of consoling himself.

Jay and his girlfriend Millers Nisha Mariam had just welcomed a new born baby on March 2. They named him Buyinza Urbane Hitler.

In normal circumstances, the singer would have had to wait for good weeks or even months before getting back inside Mariam’s knicker.

Barbie Jay and his partner Millers Nisha Mariam

The sumbusa hit maker decided to do it on the roadside, in his Mark II car with the nearest woman he could find.

Unfortunately for him, police was making a night patrol when it discovered them around FUFA House along Mengo Hill Road.

He was arrested and detained at Lubaga Police Station. He was later charged for having sex in public space.



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