Lightening kills 16 in Rwanda


Sixteen  people were killed and dozens more injured after lightning struck a Seventh-Day Adventist church in   Nyarunguru district in the southern province Rwanda, a local official said Sunday.

Fourteen of the sixteen victims were killed on the spot as lightning hit the church in the Nyaruguru district in the Southern Province on Saturday, local mayor Habitegeko Francois told journalists.

Two others died later from their injuries at nearby hospital, he said.

He added that though the 140 people involved in the incident had been rushed to hospital and district health centres, most of them had been discharged.

“Doctors say that only three of them are in critical condition but they are getting better,” he said.

According to the mayor, a similar accident took place on Friday when lightning struck a group of 18 students, killing one of them.

Te incidents comes a few days after  a number of pastors were arrested for sabotaging government programs after government moved to close over 700 churches for being substandard and threat to the lives worshipers



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