Why Bagyenda may face prison after IGG’s investigation

Kagenyi Luka

As an old adage goes, the frowning of a he goat doesn’t stop it from being priced, disgraced former executive director in charge of bank’s supervision at Bank of Uganda, Justine Nuwagaba Bagyenda is a lady whose fate only waits time.

After I had written an article entitled, ‘investigate, Prosecute Justine Bagyenda ’ on this website, press would report that a concerned citizen had dragged Justine Bagyenda to the Inspector General of Government (IGG).

Reports indicate that on 20th February the concerned citizen petitioned the IGG to probe Justine Bagyenda’s fat bank accounts and Vast properties.

As a considerate section retreats to apathy, such a whistle blower ought to be lionized and joined by all those seeking a transparent society ,including public service devoid of corruption, abuse of office, incompetence and not limited to illicit enrichment.

For starters, Justine Bagyenda was relieved of her envied position in February by the Bank of Uganda governor, Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile.

Victoria University

Her ejection from the central bank came as timely relief taking into account fact that her dark and contemptible role, evidently led to the collapse of  Crane Bank Limited(CBL),Uganda’s biggest traditional commercial banking institution.

During her stay at BOU, her wealth became a matter of public outrage! Her deserved extrusion from the central bank greatly served the remarkable purpose of exposing more of her bank accounts and astonishing vast properties.

This has undoubtedly, bred more questions than answers as to how she could have managed to outrageously accumulate over 20 billion Uganda shillings on her bank accounts and the properties in question despite earning a meagre salary of less than 35 million shillings a month.

20 billion is so much money. It can facilitate financial year budgets of more than two districts in Uganda.

For instance, with a population of about 56000 people, Kalangala was given 7.5 billion shillings for the financial year 2017/18.

And equally was Buliisa which received about 8.5 billion shillings with a population 0f about 120000 people in the same financial year.

Bagyenda’s accumulated billions in Diamond Trust Bank, GT and other banks would cater for financial budgets of more than two districts of more than 300,000 people and leave balance.

Some reports have suggested that she held her position at the central bank with remarkable unbridled tenacity, which she used to receive payments(bribes)in order to cover up anomalies in the banking sector.

Otherwise, her wealth remains a mystery.

Why May Bagyenda face arrest?

By running to IGG, the whistle blower was not deluded but rather went to the right agency.

Public servants are by law required (not optional) to declare their wealth to the IGG.

This is intended to keep their overriding appetite for money and wealth under check and monitoring.

The IGG monitors the trail of accumulation of wealth; whether what they attain overtime is directly commensurate with their earnings short of which would mean that a public official is involved in acts that aren’t limited to; corruption, fraud, illicit enrichment and abuse of office.

Relatedly, the powers as enshrined in the Constitution and IG Act include

to; investigate or cause investigation, arrest or cause arrest, prosecute

or cause prosecution, make orders and give directions during investigations; access and search – enter and inspect premises or property or search a person or bank account or safe deposit box among others.

By probing into Bagyenda’s mysteriously healthy bank accounts and properties, its most likely that acts of abuse of authority, corruption, illicit enrichment may have been conducted.

Arresting her for the purposes of not jeopardizing investigations may be worthwhile and even, during prosecution.

Finally, it should be remembered that former NSSF boss, David Chandi Jamwa was arrested, investigated and successfully prosecuted by the IGG on different accounts including abuse of authority thus Bagyenda won’t be the first.

Kagenyi Lukka is a current affairs analyst and an aspiring MP, Ikiiki County in Budaka.



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