Amakula sets date for Kampala film festival

Amakula Film Festival team

The eleventh Amakula international film festival presented by Bayimba cultural foundation in partnership with Kampala film school will take place at Uganda museum from 14th to 17th March 2018.

This edition of the Festival is scheduled to take place in two separate venues; the first venue will be Kampala Film School – which will present a programme curated with the idea to address the students’ film culture in Uganda.

The programme will include discussions, masterclasses and screening of short, student and documentary films that were selected from submission of in and out of the Golden Impala Award competition.

For screening will be free to the public. The second venue will be the Uganda Museum – which will present a programme that includes seminars and conference on topics affecting the Film industry today.

The discussions will tackle film regulatory and distribution. The venue will also be a home to screening of feature films in a drive-in-cinema-setting where audiences will be watching in the comfort of their cars with silent headphones.

For these evenings – the screenings will be at a fee of 10,000 UGX per head. Awards: The Golden Impala Award aims to uplift and inspire film standards for local, regional and international filmmakers.

This year’s Four Golden Impala Awards will be handed out to honour the Best International Feature Film, Best East Africa Short Film, Best International Documentary Film and the newly added Best East Africa Students Film.

The Jury:

The 2018 Amakula International Film Festival Jury members are appointed by the festival committee.

The eleventh edition will have 3 Jury member – Andrew Kaggwa (UG), Cristiano Civitillo (UG/Italy/German) and Lucky Lora Atwiine (UG).

The Jury will review all the films – features, shorts and documentaries – that are incompetition and declare winners – presenting an expert commentary and a written decision signed by all the Jury members.



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