#M7NonStop: Tanga humiliates Kasule infront of NRM ‘golden MPs’

Tanga refuses to stand up and greet his boss Lumumba

Barnabas Bashabe, the LC 1 chairman Kiwanguzi village in Kiboga district has asked President Museveni to prevail over feuding ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] electoral commission chairman Tanga Odoi and Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba.

He says the unfortunate statements that dominated the media last week are discrediting the party.

The statements made by Tanga who reduced Lumumba to a mere dancer attracted enough ire from NRM leaders who are now calling for his replacement.

Tanga worsened matters on Sunday when refused to greet or hug Lumumba at Kiboga district headquarters where the party held a bash for 317 MPs who voted in favour of the age limit bill.

While Lumumba was received with an applause from supporters, Tanga remained seated and refused to budge.

His colleagues requested Tanga to express courtesy by standing to greet Lumumba but the professor of political history refused to comply.

Ruth Nankabirwa dancing the evening away

Lumumba was forced to walk up to Tanga. She tried to hug him but the official instead withdrew and left her hanging, humiliated.

The event was held to celebrate legislators who voted in favour of removing age limit during the Presidential Age Limit amendment in 2017.

They have been since been baptised “golden MPs”. They are also launching a new campaign “Align and Arrive” to popularise the 7-year term of office and a referendum that will keep Museveni in power dubbed “M7 Non Stop”.

Meanwhile, at the event, people who came wearing red caps or ribbons were blocked and the bandanas thrown away.

Lumumba embarks on media tours

Lumumba on Friday evening concluded the first phase of her Media engagements with a call on voters in Jinja East Constituency to vote NRM in the March 15 by-elections.

Lumumba has since Tuesday this week been visiting several media houses for different talk shows during which she has given guidance and  highlights on a number of national issues.

Among the topical matters that have dominated her busy schedule included the on-going restructuring exercise at the secretariat she heads, the upcoming LCI elections, the likely referendum, Jinja by-elections and the NRM Manifesto implementation among many others.

Rogers Mulindwa, the NRM Communications Officer, says the SG has visited nine Media houses and interacted with several individual journalists in these evening visits that have lasted only four days.

Commenting about the exercise Lumumba said, “The program was designed to benefit the party and together we have really achieved big”.

She was this evening at UBC / Star Televisions-the official government broadcasters where she was hosted on ‘Olujjegere’ and ‘Take a point’ popular shows.

She takes a break this weekend and similar exercises resume early next week before she travels to Jinja East Constituency to drum up support for Hon Nathan Igeme Nabetha the NRM flag bearer.



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