Ofwono: Museveni at centre of power, can’t fall like Zuma

President Museveni

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, says President Museveni is still in the power fold and cannot just fall like former South African President Jacob Zuma.

According to Opondo, society gets the leaders they deserve and that this is the second time South Africa’s ruling party African National Congress [ANC] is removing a sitting president in a similar manner.

“When you have strong organisations, its organs should be able to hold the leadership to appropriate accountability.”

Opondo who was appearing on “NBSFrontline” programme at the close of last week, said the reason Zuma lived 9 years as president is because he was still needed and desired by ANC, Parliament and the public.

“We still consider Museveni the fulcrum of NRM and the country. The balance of power is still in his favour,” Opondo noted.

Victoria University

He said unlike Museveni, Zuma had his personal failures but If ANC thinks pushing out Zuma the way they pushed out Thabo Mbeki [former president] would solve their problems, “then I bet my money”.

Democratic Party President Norbert Mao believes Zuma was trying to be a sultan in a democracy. The two don’t mix.

“If you have a depraved electorate, you will have a depraved president. The legacy of ANC is that of having dismantled the apartheid regime. It’s good enough to have an institution which is more powerful than an individual.

According to Mao, Uganda’s ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] and ANC are worlds apart because NRM can’t do to Museveni what ANC did to Zuma.

If NRM was committed to institution building, there are many things they would have done, Mao argued.

He said NRM has received more notices of evictions than any other political party in the country and that NRM without President Museveni is zero.

“The expectations of the South African people have not been met and President Ramaphosa is going to face the same demands. In terms of economic structure, the gap is still wide.”

Former Ethics and Integrity minister, Miria Matembe, said when Zuma was elected the president of South Africa, she felt sorry for South Africa.

By the time they elected Zuma, Matembe was in Pan-African Parliament.

“I was very disappointed. I knew he wasn’t the right person to be the president of South Africa. It was so unfortunate for South Africa. I never expected him to do good for South Africa and my mind was proved right.”

Matembe said Ugandans shouldn’t be considering the fighting and participation in the war struggles for one to be president of a country like that.

“President Museveni has never contested with anybody within the party. You know what happened to Amama Mbabazi [former premier and presidential candidate] when he tried to contest against him.”



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