Bobi Wine: It’d be great if Museveni falls like Zuma

Bobi Wine and Shaka Ssali in studio

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has asked Ugandan youth to take responsibility for their future because the people who are making decisions for them right now are not going to be around to face outcomes of their decisions.

Bobi who was this week in Washington DC has been making presentations on Uganda’s democracy in the diaspora.

Shaka Ssali, the Voice of America editor and “Straight Talk Africa” show host, asked Bobi Wine on Wednesday night: “Who owns Uganda?”

Bobi responded: “When somebody comes and says “my money, my oil” and then comes to say he is nobody’s servant, do I have to answer that question?

Shaka: What would happen if Kaguta Museveni of 1986-1996 met the Kaguta Museveni of 2018?

Bobi Wine: They would need a bigger space to fight.

According to him, Ugandans are supposed to be citizens but they are constantly degenerating into slaves.

“Ugandans are kept in the dark. We have a population that has never seen another president.”

He added: “I think there is a mistake of elevating personality. I always tell Ugandans not to look at me as a solution. If we can own our own liberation as a generation, then no man can stand out for entitlement.”

Bobi said it was disturbing to notice that president Museveni is keeping himself in power by the use of armed forces.

“What is happening in South Africa is very interesting. It would be a great opportunity for what is happening in South Africa to happen in Uganda,” he said in referring to President Jacob Zuma who was forced to resign Wednesday because of endless corruption scandals.

“Our generation is blessed with lessons. We have an example of something very good going very bad. When you look at the brutality that is unleashed at the unarmed citizens in Uganda, the unchecked corruption… it is a revelation of the kind of President we have.”

Bobi said he was inspired by President Museveni of 1986 because the “President Museveni” of 1986 inspired him to fight the “President Museveni” of 2018.

Social justice, equal rights and rule of law; that is the kind of Uganda Bobi envisions.

“We are living in a country where 80% population is younger than me and unemployed. That is not the Uganda I want to see.”

Shaka: Would you want to take the “ghetto presidency” further?

Bobi Wine: That is not the main target right now. My target is to infect many youths with this “Bobi Wine” mindset.

Bobi said they call him Ghetto President because he took leadership on himself.

“Before I joined formal politics. I had a responsibility and it was a self-call. I was advocating for better living in the community.”

He added: “It’s not that I don’t fear. I’m a natural human being but I know there is something more powerful than fear and that is the future and destiny of our country.”