Museveni samples mango snacks, extols Gen Saleh

Museveni visited the Namunkekera Rural Industrial Park in Kapeeka, District.

President Museveni on Tuesday visited the Namunkekera Rural Industrial Park in Kapeeka, District to check progress of the projects.

“It is commendable work so far within two years,” the president said while meeting a group of graduates under the CURAB group.

“These young people are engaging in small scale agro-processing with our indigenous fruits and crops such as pineapple, bananas, mushrooms, coffee and pumpkin.”

Museveni said such groups of young people shall be supported with processing equipment to better their operations in different parts of the country.

The second facet to the industrial park is the farm service centre; an initiative in conjunction with the Operation Wealth Creation programme.

This one brings improved quality seeds closer to farmers at the grassroots alongside modern farming equipment for large scale farmers.

This, alongside the 2,000 metric tonne silos for post-harvest handling and storage, is the way to ensure food security in times of scarcity.

Government is finalizing plans to spread this system to other parts of the country and hand the silos to local cooperatives for management.

So far they are existing in Masindi, Soroti and another being put up in Matugga under a private company.

Museveni also saw visited the Goodwill Ceramics Company that has also set up shop in the park.

This plant alone is expected to employ about 2,000 people and earn government over $30m in import substitution and about $15m in export revenue. This one started operations in July 2017 and will be commissioned in April.

“Last is the fruit processing factory where I tasted some delicious mango snacks ready for the market, bringing the number to four out of 10 factories we expect to have been set up on the 25 square mile industrial park in this part of the country.”

Museveni congratulated his brother Gen. Salim Saleh who has led this group of investors.

Government will support this industrial park with a tarmacked road network connecting Kapeeka to Hoima road in Nakwaya among other things, he said.




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