Kitatta charged in army court, sent to Luzira

Kitatta arriving at court martial on Tuesday

The General Court Martial based in Makindye has once against charged Boda boda 2010 patron, Abdallah Kitatta and his co-accused with illegal possession of fire arms and remanded to Luzira prison.

Kitatta and two of his co-accused started by objecting to being tried in the Military Court.

They refused to take plea saying they are civilians and not military personnel.

“I’m not a military officer, I’m an ordinary person and I object being tried or heard in this court,” Kitatta told court chaired by Lt. Gen. Andrew Guti.

He added: “My lord I have heard the charges, but I object being tried in this court.”

Gen Guti told the suspects: “All of you are saying that you object, I think you should talk to your lawyer after this and be told how any person found with military equipment is tried. Your lawyer will give you a clear understanding of these charges.”

He said since Kitatta had objected to contempt of court, he would take a decision because the charges are serious.

“They are not simple charges as you think you are playing there. Kitatta and all your colleagues are remanded to Luzira Prison until 27th February,” Gen Guti ruled.

Over the weekend, the Military Unit Disciplinary Committee committed Kitatta and 12 other members of boda-boda 2010 to the General Court Martial for trial.

They are charged with being in possession of military stores and failure to protect war materials.

Kitatta and the others appeared before the chair of the Unit Disciplinary Committee, Col Tom Kabuye in a closed-door session held in Mbuya. Prosecution confirmed that it had completed investigations and was ready to proceed with the trial.

But the Ministry of Defence deputy spokesperson Deo Akiiki said that since the UDC has no jurisdiction to try cases of such magnitude, the charges were only mentioned before the suspects were remanded and committed to the General Court Martial.

The suspects were arrested from different places in Kampala during a crackdown against individuals expected to be involved in the gruesome killing of Case clinic accountant Francis Ekalugar.