Boy beaten to death at Swedish national home

Kigezi regional Police spokesperson Elly Maate

Police has arrested two people in Kabale district for participating in the killing of a 15 year-old boy was at the home of Emma Cox, a Swedish national.

The incident happened along Rugarama road in Kabale Municipality.

Cox has a home that hosts the Emma and Theresa Children’s Project, which takes care of orphans and street children.

Alvin Agaba, the deceased and a resident of Ruhita cell in Kabale Municipality was lynched by a group of boda boda cyclists.

They accused him of waylaying Cox on Friday night and cutting him on the arm with a machete while he was returning from a nightclub.

Elly Maate, the police spokesperson for Kigezi Region, told Uganda Radio Network that a group of boda boda riders brought Agaba to Cox’s home.

They were let in by Johnson Twinamatsiko, a private security guard attached to Ukombozi Security Company and Boaz Naturinda, 29, the patron of the home.

The riders tied and beat Agaba to death. They left the body in the compound.

It was Cox who found the body later and reported to Kabale Police Station.

Police arrested Naturinda and Twinamatsiko and locked them away.