There will be no opposition by 2021-Kanyomozi

Yona Kanyomozi mows his compound

Veteran politician Hon Yonah Kanyomozi says he was one of the first people to go for Interparty Organisation for Dialogue [IPOD] training after its inception in 2010.

“We were sent to Ghana and we were very enthusiastic about it. We thought presidents of parties would be involved,” he said Monday while appearing on NBS “morning breeze” programme.

He said the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] used to send operatives to their meetings.

“I never saw even Amama Mbabazi [former prime minister and presidential candidate] coming to any meeting.”

According to Kanyomozi, from the word go, IPOD is a thing they shouldn’t have gone for because it died at birth.

“If we are to do anything, let’s stick to the law.”

He said the propelling power of IPOD was the developed countries, the donors. “When we came back from Ghana, we realized it wasn’t going to work.”

Kanyomozi says the opposition is not going to be there by 2021 as long as laws don’t allow them to operate.

He said there is now just a pseudo imagination that there is opposition.

“There is a wish in the masses that we should have alternative policies but that can’t be expressed easily anyway.”

He said the concept of 3rd force perceived by followers of former Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party president, Mugisha Muntu, is misconceived.

All those who want change should sit together and try to get to the people, he suggested.

On Saturday, Rwenzori diocese bishop Reuben Kisembo, asked President Museveni to retire peacefully and allow a transition of power.

The president replied angrily telling Batooro that no one will give him lectures on what to do for Uganda.

Mivule Basajja, a government critic, says President Museveni is the last person these religious leaders run to when they have problems because there is no way they can order him to do anything.

“There are so many religious leaders who eat from Museveni’s pocket. When they are asking for help they do it privately but when they ordering him to do something, they use the pulpit.”