Spice Diana apologises for getting ’32 points’ in A-level

Spice Diana

Singer Spice Diana, born Namukwaya Hajara Diana, has apologised to her fans for a fairy tale she told on NTV claiming she got 32 points at A-Level.

Diana who has was doing History, Art and Luganda claims to have been the best performer in her school.

“I got…I think 30 what…30 something, yah, 32 points,” she told Faridah Nakazibwe, the host of “Mwasuze Mutya” [good morning] programme.

“That was a second grade. 32. Yah. Because my school was performing well,” she added, confusing senior four with senior six.

The maximum grading for Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education [UACE] was 25 points before being reduced to 20 points by Uganda National Examinations Board [UNEB].

The remarks spread an outrage across social media prompting the singer to issue an apology with a purported S.6 certificate from Kampala Citizen College School.

Here is her apology:

Hey all Spice Diana fans, well I have so much to share with you. First things First thanks for coming through and supporting me in large numbers on all my three shows i had last weekend. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you. We surely made history on my first ever concert in my career and I thank God for all of you that have supported me through this journey.

I also would like to make a few things clear especially what’s going on about what I said on TV last Friday about my results. I have been going through a crazy phase esp last week when I had a show, then RADIOs death is something i haven’t gotten over plus when I Postponed my concert a week later it affected me personally. I was so stressed but i had to do interviews and try to push the show. This made me disoriented in a way and later I even became sick, although I had to do the show regardless of what I was going through emotionally.

I made a mistake during my interview on TV that was due to mistaking my S6 results with S4. Honestly it’s been long since I left S4 or even S6 I couldn’t remember exactly the points as I have lost touch since. However let me attach my actual results for you my fans. Am sorry for the miscommunication.

We are all humans. We make mistakes. Let’s get over this guys “Aaaah Ahhhh ANTI KALE.Nekyo Kigwa Kale Kantu katono kakukubya embale”

Who is Spice Diana?

Spice Diana is Ugandan musician, she is one of the youngest female Ugandan artists. Her real names are Namukwaya Hajara Diana.

She started her music career early and she is currently taking on her Undergraduate studies at Makerere University.

Her first manager was Dr Fizol of Avie Records, and was later managed by Twinkle Star and AgaNaga in 2016.

She has had several singles including “Anti Kale”, “Buekete” and “Bimpe”.

Spice Diana has also collaborated with both local and international artists that include Pallaso, Aganaga and Jamaican Orisha Sound among others.

Early life and Education

Spice Diana attended Kibuli Demonstration school and later joined Nsambya SSS.

She is currently enrolled at Makerere University pursuing Industrial Arts.

Spice Diana is struggling to balance between music and school. This is because most of her lecture times collide with her musical performances.

Music career

Spice Diana started her music career in 2014 with her hit single Onsanula that later won her an award in 2015.

Prior to the year 2014, she was being managed by Dr. Fizol of Avenue Records.

Spice Diana has signed record labels with Twinkle Star and Humble Management before she went solo. [5] Spice Diana has many hits including “Anti Kale”, “I miss you” and “Buteke”.

In 2016, Spice Diana decided to organize awards to recognize her team. She named these awards the Team Spice Diana Awards. Only Spice Diana and upcoming artists performed at the award show.


  • Bukete
  • Bimpe
  • Anti Kale
  • Tokombako
  • I miss you
  • Gwe Nsonga
  • Tuli Kuki
  • Nyumirwa
  • Ninze
  • Acrobatics
  • Sabatula
  • Tekinanta
  • Sitoma

Awards and nominations

She won Best Female Breakthrough Artist at the 3rd HiPipo Music Awards in 2015.

The minor award is based on a popularity vote from the public via SMS and social media voting.

In 2017, Spice Diana was invited to perform at the Kampala City Carnival where she was beaten up by the Uganda Police after performing one song.

The song that Spice Diana performed is called Onsanula and it has a verse which talks about the police being against the people.

Therefore, the lyrics may have been the cause of her beating as she stated on her Social Media Accounts.



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