Museveni nearly fights bishop for asking him to retire

Museveni speaking at Kyebambe girls SS

The controversial Bishop of Ruwenzori Diocese, Reuben Kisembo, has once again tackled President Museveni on the question of transition of power and retirement.

Bishop Kisembo clashed with the president in Fort Portal on Saturday during the commissioning of St Elizabeth Chapel at Kyebambe Girls’ School.

Kisembo told Museveni that he had achieved a lot in the past 30 years including peace across the country, infrastructure and free education both at primary and secondary levels.

Kisembo then pointed out that it was the right time for Museveni to retire peacefully and allow a bloodless transfer of power to another person.

“Mr President it is unfortunate that the age limits were removed. However, you should prepare for a peaceful transfer of power,” the bishop was quoted as saying.

Bishop Kisembo was among those who vehemently opposed the move by Parliament to amend the constitution and remove the presidential age limits.

Museveni fires back

When he stood up to speak, the president reminded the bishop that he does not need lectures on what to do for Uganda.

“Religious leaders have for a long time been provoking me through their comments. It must stop,” lashed out the angry president.

He went on: “I don’t want people to lecture me about what to do for Uganda. A person who wants to lecture me must have the qualifications.”

Museveni openly told the gathering that Bishop Kisembo was wrong to engage in politics.



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