Minister tells Kayihura to arrest new Ankole king

Minister Mukwaya

The Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Janat Mukwaya, has directed the Inspector General of Police General, Kale Kayihura, to arrest the self-proclaimed King of Ankole, Umar Asiimwe Rubambansi.

“The IGP and law enforcement agencies are informed and directed to take appropriate action,” Mukwaya said in a communication to Kayihura.

She said the ministry doesn’t have any communication in writing that the supporters of Asiimwe followed the procedure to enthrone him.

Now labelled an impostor, King Rubambansi is already being monitored by police in Mbarara district.

Rubambansi along with his cabinet was questioned by the minister at Lake View Hotel in Mbarara town at the close of last week.

“I’m telling the people in Ankole that Umar is an imposter. He did not follow the law— set by the Cultural Leaders Act (2011) under article 246(1) that provides the process of installation of a traditional or cultural leader,” Mukwaya told press after the meeting.

She accuses Rubambansi of mobilising people for the restoration of the kingdom that was banned by former president Dr Milton Obote.

“Let them register with the ministry of Internal Affairs as traditional healers like the Bachwezi,” she mocked.

The minister promised that if Rubambansi declares himself a traditional healer, then police and other agencies will not bother him.