Lukwago sues Kamya for usurping his powers


Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has sued Kampala minister, Beti Kamya, for usurping his powers at City Hall.

In his law suit, Lukwago says Kamya has been passing herself off as the political head of the city and ordering around division mayors and councillors.

Lukwago further accuses Kamya of boycotting KCCA meetings and not recognising him yet Section 11 of the KCCA Act vests the executive powers in the office of the lord mayor.

The minister has on several occasions arbitrarily taken unilateral decisions and purported to implement the same without involving the office of the lord mayor as the political head of the authority, Lukwago argues.

He is asking court to restrain Kamya from interfering with his plans and strategies to develop the city.

“On several occasions I requested the minister to appoint persons to constitute the Metropolitan Physical Planning Authority but all my efforts have come to a naught which has adversely affected my work and duties as lord mayor,” Lukwago further says.

Last week, Kamya stopped Lukwago from travelling for a meeting abroad without any clear explanation.

“She (Kamya) will see it. Because I said this year, we will be fighting for our political authority. She may think that she has achieved much by capturing mayors and technocrats and confusing them. She is just joking. The battle for Kampala leadership authority has not ended. It has started,” Lukwago said Monday after suspending council meetings indefinitely.

Lukwago says Kampala division mayors have been duped by Minister Kamya that they will be given power if they dance to her political melodies.

Division mayors have been fighting to get independent budget votes instead of being folded under KCCA.

Establishing budget votes for divisions would effect Section 31(1) of KCCA Act 2010 which states that; “The division town clerk shall be the head of the public officers of the division council and shall be the accounting officer of the division urban council.”

Section 31(2,d) of the same Act states that “the division town clerk shall be responsible for presenting the annual budget to the division urban council.”