I don’t want a political office but Museveni must retire-bishop

Bishop Kisembo greets Museveni in Fort Portal

Ruwenzori diocese priest Bishop Reuben Bizarwenda Kisembo has stuck to his guns calling for the retirement of President Museveni from office.

Kisembo who made the call on Saturday at the opening of St. Elizabeth COU Chapel at Kyebambe Girls’ SSS, has since been attacked by bother the President who was the Guest of Honour and other sections of NRM supporters.

“First and foremost I thank the President and all people who have given us money, ideas, skills, time, energy and materials which have enabled us to build this magnificent Chapel to worship in our Triune God. May our good Lord reward you all abundantly!” Kisembo responded to critics.

“It is true the Presidential age limit was removed from our constitution whatever justifications were made,” Kisembo humbly appealed to the president generating debate on social media.

He added: “But we appeal to you, Your Excellency to plan for peaceful succession and transfer of power from you to another person, for your own good, for the good of your family, for the good of our nation and for the good of East Africa, Africa and the whole world. Don’t deny our country that opportunity.”

The bishop now wonders whether his statement was disrespectful, abusive or confrontational to arouse anger from the president and his followers.

A visibly angry Museveni told Kisembo in front of his parishioners that he will not be lectured on what to do for Uganda accusing the cleric of discussing politics on a fundraising event.

“As for the venue and forum, I was just fulfilling my religious role of sharing God’ word in season and out of season (2Timothy 4:1-5),” Kisembo defended himself.

Kisembo has categorically stated that he doesn’t belong to any political party whatsoever and doesn’t promote anybody’ interests.

“I don’t have an atom of interest in any political office. I am just fulfilling my calling as a religious leader who has the mandate to talk about anything created by God whom I serve.”

But Museveni accuses religious leaders of targeting him instead of preaching the word of God.