Politics is about people not leaders, Muntu heads north

Mugisha Muntu

Former Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party president, Mugisha Muntu, is taking his consultations to Northern and North-Eastern Uganda next week.

“As always, we will keep both the public and the FDC party informed,” he said over the weekend.

Muntu’s hope is to get opinions from all the country’s sub-regions within the next month or so, share the feedback got with the party and public, then (based on the outcomes of this) chart a way forward.

“Our commitment to you is that our actions and decisions will be held in a transparent manner.”

He added: “Because our goal is to change the course of our country’s politics, we must not only advocate for transparency and honesty from others, but must demonstrate it ourselves. We cannot give what we do not have.”

At the close of last month, Muntu was in Tororo where he interacted with a cross-section of Ugandans.

There is a clear recognition by many that to change the country’s political path, Ugandans are going to have to change their mind-sets too, he said.

According to Muntu, there is need to start thinking about the things people need, not which individual wants to lead.

“We need to start thinking about the quality of our children’s education, not just the amount of UPE schools being opened.”

He added: “We need to think about our healthcare, our welfare and the opportunities our young people have to fulfil their dreams.”

Politics should be about the people, not about the leaders, Muntu said.

He noted that until leaders stop putting prioritising personal ambition and start thinking about values and systems, they shall continue having one despot after another lead the country further and further towards disintegration.

“We all need to become the change we want to see!”



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