Museveni shows off juggling skills at Shs6bn Buhinga stadium

Museveni juggling a ball

President Museveni on Saturday presided over the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a Shs6 billion stadium at Buhinga on the outskirts of Fort Portal Town.

Similar stadia will be built in Bunyoro, Ankole and Kigezi, each to cost Shs6b.

The stadia come with extras of a tennis court, hotel facility and other hospitality facilities.

The public should know that government runs its programmes on the principle of prioritisation.

For example, while construction of a stadium is cheaper than a road, the latter is more critical for our economic development.

For example, the Kamwenge road construction cost Shs400 billion. This would have built several stadia, Museveni said.

Sports is a vital item especially to the youth but government has been handling other priorities first, he explained.

“And before infrastructure, was the question of insecurity, especially here in the Rwenzori region.”

He added: “People were worried about insecurity here but I assured you nobody could disturb our peace. We have a fully peaceful country now.”

However, as government resolves the other infrastructure concerns, it will no doubt gradually invest more in sports facilities.



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