Mao rallies opposition against rising fuel prices

DP leader Mao

Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao, says the impact of high fuel prices is being felt by every Ugandan while government continues to do little or nothing.

“Most things are basic. I have simply explained it. You can’t buy oil using Uganda shillings,” he said while appearing on NBS TV’s “Frontline” programme on Thursday night.

He added: “You can only buy oil using foreign currency and you can only earn foreign currency when you sell abroad.”

According to Mao, when fuel prices increase, everything gallops. Debt on its own is not a problem, he said.

“What I would blame for our predicament is that we don’t earn enough to absorb this shock.”

Mao then attacked senior journalist Andrew Mwenda who is blaming the elites of Uganda for being an obstacle for President Museveni’s vision.

Let’s pin responsibility to those who make strategic decisions, Mao told Mwenda who was present on the show.

“There is knowing something and understanding. I want Mwenda to understand.”

He said Ugandans have reached a point where the Parliament has doubt under which this issue is being discussed.

“As Ugandans, we can only suspect that the Minister of Finance was involved in fraudulent false accounting.”

He went on: “Everyone who knows me, knows that my politics has never been about offices and positions, it’s what I believe in.”

Mao said it is critical for opposition to talk about leverage. Eventually when the dust of battle clears, not everybody will be standing.

“I want Ugandans to know that I will be among those who will be standing.”

Mao’s remarks come at a time parliament is pushing for the resignation of Finance minister Matia Kasaija and secretary to the Treasury Keith Muhakanizi for borrowing a $200m loan fraudulently.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has since ordered the Auditor General to investigate the matter and report back to the house.



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