I defended Kazibwe, Mirundi says he is no celeb

Dr Kazibwe

This government doesn’t have thinkers, according to presidential advisor on media matters, Tamale Mirundi.

“They don’t have a think tank. They should have a reference point,” Mirundi suggested on Tuesday while appearing on NBS television.

Mirundi claims to have saved former vice president Dr Specioza Wandira Kazibwe who was accused of stealing money meant for valley dams and channelling it for personal use.

In 2003, Kazibwe was accused of mismanaging the valley dams project, leading to the loss of Shs4 billion ($2 million) by the government. She denied the allegations.

“These people beat you and destroy you. When they want something from you, they pick you from where they ditched you,” Mirundi recalled, referring to government mafia.

He added: “The other day, Kazibwe thanked me for telling the truth that she didn’t steal money for the dams. Go to Nakasongola, you will find dams there.”

Mirundi said government mafia operate like religious leaders who he called double dealers.

“I’m not a celebrity. You would rather abuse me than call me a celebrity. These people want respect.”

He went on: “How many times did Jesus go to synagogue? Religion is a matter between me and my God.”

According to Mirundi, priests are double dealers and all they want is money.

“How many times did Ivan Ssemwanga [late socialite] go to church? What did the priest give the family of Mowzey Radio?”

He said it was actually Mama Fina who gave the late Radio’s family Shs5m.

“If we use the clue that Radio had gone to inspect his house and then went to the bar immediately, that means he didn’t find constructors there.”

First arrest the person he went with to visit the site, Mirundi suggested wondering why Radio ever went alone.

“These musicians provoke people every day. Why didn’t he move with his group? There is a day Jose Chameleone slapped a full general after he mistakenly hit him with a cue stick at a bar.”



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