UPDF like NRA still acts like rebels loyal to Museveni, says Kaps

A female officer leads a UPDF parade on Tarehe Sita

Hassan Kaps Fungaroo as Member of Parliament for Obongi constituency in Moyo, says the armed forces of Uganda can celebrate their growth but they shouldn’t celebrate on Tarehe Sita because it is a rebel day.

There must be a difference between Uganda People’s Defence Forces [UPDF] and National Resistance Army [NRA], Hon. Fungaroo argued.

“If there is a need for them to celebrate, they should get their own day, why should they celebrate on the day of the rebels? UPDF is supposed to transform itself from a rebel army to a people army but it hasn’t done so.”

He added: “You must distinguish UPDF from NRA but if you look at the features of UPDF and NRA, they are the same.”

He said the structure of the leadership is the same as that of the bush.

Victoria University

The National Resistance Army, that later came to be known as the Uganda people’s Defence Forces [UPDF] has had at least 10 commanders since they waged war against the government of Apollo Milton Obote in 1981.

One of the first commanders Gen Elly Tumwine said the highest peak of the NRA was the capture of Kampala “because all that effort of defeating Idi Amin and the bush war was a process towards our victory”.

“I would be stricter than before on discipline.”

Speaking after Tarehe Sita celebrations in Butaleja, former CDF Gen Katumba Wamala, said part of what was in principles was that “we were supposed to be a productive army but we didn’t have enough time to concentrate on that”.

He added: “What I could do I did, what I couldn’t do was beyond my measure.”

Presiding over the celebrations, President Museveni said UPDF would not exist had it not been the logistical support of former Tanzanian leader Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and Frelimo leader Samora Machel of Mozambique.

He said the national army has since transformed itself into a professional continental force.



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