Kadaga blames lawlessness on injustice in courts

Kadaga launching he 'Live your dream' campaign aimed at protecting young people against gender based violence, early marriages and HIV Infection.

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has called on MPs to support the Judiciary to increase access to justice by Ugandans.

The Speaker made this call in her communication to the legislators at the sitting of Parliament on Tuesday, 06th February 2018.

Kadaga said that the Judiciary has raised a concern indicating that majority of Ugandans still face challenges of accessing justice.

“There are some regions in the country which are sharing one Chief Magistrate,” said Kadaga.

She noted the low staffing levels in the Judiciary citing the need for 32 Registrars from the current 12 serving the whole country.

Victoria University

Kadaga said that there are supposed to be 100 Chief Magistrates but only 43 have been appointed, while Grade One Magistrates are supposed to be 386 and yet only 187 have been appointed.

“This is very disappointing because in neighbouring Kenya, the High Court alone has 120 judges while in Ghana, which is smaller than Uganda, there are more than 100 High Court judges,” said Kadaga.

She warned that failure by Ugandans to access justice leads to frustration and lawlessness.

The Speaker directed the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development to work with the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs to support the Judiciary to enable Ugandans access justice.



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