Kirumira taken to Nalufenya, thugs attack his pregnant wife

Mariam Kirumira

Mariam Kirumira, wife to former Buyende DPC Mohammad Kirumira, says the celebrity cop was sneaked out of Railway Police Detention centre to Nalufenya detention facility in Jinja district.

“Today morning, as I was heading to Railway police where my husband Mwoyo Gwa Gwanga was remanded yesterday to check on him, some goons attacked me while on bodaboda and tried to beat me up,” Mariam narrated.

She said the thugs threatened to cause damage to her unborn baby.

“Fortunately the boda guy managed to risk his life in order to save mine though I didn’t get your contact but u did a great job thanks,” she went on.

On reaching the police station, Mariam was told her husband had been taken to Nalufenya.

Victoria University

“I request Afande Kaihura to tell your boys to leave us alone. You destroyed our door and left us fearing for our lives,” she said referring to an incident in which Flying Squad operatives cut the door to their house while arresting Kirumira.

She adds: “As if that was not enough you attack a heavily pregnant woman who is so helpless trying to make ends meet.”

“Just let me be. And if anything happens to me you are responsible for everything,” she warned Kayihura.