Pulkol: Kenya will burn if Uhuru kills Odinga

David Pulkol

Dr. Deus Muhwezi, the Chairman of Makerere University Academic Staff Association [MUASA] says he sympathises with Kenyan opposition leader and now people’s president, H.E Raila Odinga.

“Raila has tried his hand for presidency and he has failed many times. I sympathize with him. He contested elections and they were nullified, that was a plus,” Muhwezi said Wednesday while appearing on NBS television.

But Raila used the same nullified election results to swear himself in. He shot himself in the foot, Muhwezi argued.

He says the situation is more complicated because Raila has to think beyond what he did yesterday.

“What does he really want? NASA want electoral reforms — but how is swearing in yourself going to cause electoral reforms?”

Victoria University

According to Muhwezi, the opposition is supposed to be the government in the alternative.

“You are always supposed to show the people the alternative solutions.”

He said by insisting on electoral reforms, it was going to be very difficult and it indeed became very difficult. NASA was asking for much when they demanded for electoral reforms.

“If Indeed Raila Odinga wants electoral reforms, he should find a way of sitting with government over it. Otherwise, the government is going to continue ignoring him.”

He said the political climate in Kenya is intense. “We can’t run away from the reality that people have different forms of operation. What I know Raila Odinga is always picking lessons from Uganda and he is still figuring out what next.”

But former External Security Organisation [ESO] spy, David Pulkol, believes Odinga is surrounded by people who don’t fear dying.

He has cut his political ambition through the streets. Arresting or killing him will just burn the country, Pulkol pointed out.

Technically, Pulkol argues, Odinga didn’t swear in as president the way it should be done as per constitution.

His oath was very different, he strategically swore in at 2:45PM. This is just politics and you can’t argue on it from the legal perspective, you will lose it.”

According to Pulkol, in the worst case scenario, if the security forces react and hunt down these NASA members, it might slide the country into chaos and these people will quietly get guns to defend themselves.