NRM is like a railway station, Mirundi soothes crying Abiriga

MP Abiriga

Outspoken presidential advisor on media matters, Tamale Mirundi, has made three resolutions this year which are all anti-NRM government.

“I made three resolutions. I will never go back to state house, I will never attend national functions and I will never work for a government structure,” Mirundi told Muyanga Lutaaya, a show host at NBS television on Tuesday.

Mirundi was trying to enlighten Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga how things work in the NRM government.

Abiriga has been crying in the media after people surrounding the president blocked him from speaking or meeting Museveni in six months. They instead opened a cold war against him.

“Abiriga doesn’t know anything. We call this systems analysis,” Mirundi pointed out.

He said NRM is like a railway station. There are new arrivals and departures.

“His [Abiriga] role was in Parliament and it would have been done by anyone. If you are a wedding chairperson, do you go ahead and marry the bride?” Mirundi went on.

Mirundi who was pushed out of his position as presidential press secretary by state house mafias says Museveni is ring fenced.

“Even if these people eat your money and they see you at an event, they will tell Special Forces Command “SFC” that “Mzee” is not comfortable seeing you around,” he spoke from experience.

“My lips are not dark because I smoke but because I drink a cup of charcoal and tobacco. I survived poison several times.”

He said President Museveni reformed the country. To him, a politician is opportunistic, a statesman wants harmony while a revolutionary changes the country.

“Museveni is a revolutionary,” Mirundi noted, explaining that there are three people who can change the world. “A reformer, a liberator and a second liberator.”