Kenya outlaws president Odinga’s NRM wing


Kenya has declared the opposition Nasa’s National Resistance Movement (NRM) an organised criminal group after its officials sworn-in Raila Odinga in a mock inauguration Tuesday.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, in making the declaration, cited Prevention of Organised Crimes Act 2010.

“In exercise of the powers conferred by section 22 of the Act, the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government declares National Resistance Movement (NRM) to be organised criminal group for the purposes of the Act,” read a gazette notice dated January 30.

NRM now joins a list that also includes terrorist groups like Al Shabaab and outlawed brutal tribal gang Mungiki.

NRM says it agitates, through non-violent resistance, for electoral reforms and boycott of products and services provided by companies deemed to be pro-government.

Victoria University

By gazetting, the public is warned against getting involved in activities of the proscribed groups, failure to which harsh penalties of up to Ksh1 million (about $10,000) are imposed including life imprisonment for those who do.

Previous security ministers have on occasions proscribed various groups.

Some outlawed groups in Kenya include:

  1. Al-Shabaab
  2. Amachuma
  3. Angola Msumbiji
  4. Banyamulenge
  5. Baghdad Boys
  6. Charo Shutu
  7. Chinkororo
  8. Coast Housing Land Network
  9. Congo by Force
  10. Dallas Muslim Youth
  11. Forty Brothers
  12. Forty-two Brothers
  13. Jeshi la Embakasi
  14. Jeshi la Mzee
  15. Jeshi la King’ole
  16. Japo Group
  17. Kamjesh
  18. Kamukunji Youth Group
  19. Kaya Bombo Youth
  20. Kenya Youth Alliance
  21. Kosovo Boys
  22. Kuzacha
  23. Makande Army
  24. Mombasa Republican Council
  25. Mungiki Movement, Mungiki Organisation, Mungiki Sect
  26. Republican Revolutionary Council
  27. Sabaot Land Defence Force
  28. Sakina Youth
  29. Sungu Sungu
  30. Siafu
  31. Taliban

Source: The EastAfrican