Kadaga is like wine, says Obore as critics plan her downfall 

Kadaga shakes hands with the Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana.

Chris Obore, the Director of Communication at Parliament, says there is a group dedicated to bringing down the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga.

“I think there is a group very preoccupied to bring Kadaga down. The level of her commitment to public duties is unmatched,” Obore said while appearing on NBS television.

There is no impunity, he added, explaining that people are using every occasion to attack Kadaga’s personality.

“What judgment hasn’t she made? She is like wine now, the older she gets, the better she becomes. I’m not shelling her from criticism but it must be fair.”

Host: Does the Speaker still have the grip of Parliament like she had back in the day?

Obore: What do you mean by grip? She is in charge of Parliament.

The picture out there is hugely popular for Speaker Kadaga, Obore noted, clarifying that there is a small group of people trying to bring her popularity down.

According to Obore, political differences are not about to end, if they end, then there will be no politics.

The question, he says, is how these differences should be handled.

Obore denies presence of a stalemate in Parliament following an incident in which the deputy speaker, Jacob Oulanyah, was forced to suspend the house after MPs boycotted plenary session recently.

Parliament suspension depends on the business it has and it is normal, Obore notes, adding that it was to allow the committees to work.