I’m an NRM hostage, Besigye congratulates president Raila


Uganda opposition chief Kizza Besigye has lauded his Kenyan counterpart, Raila Odinga, who Tuesday took oath as the people’s president.

Although he is not recognised by government, Besigye too took oath as the people’s president only to end up in prison after the 2016 elections.

In Kenya, the National Super Alliance (Nasa) leader made history at Uhuru Park amid cheers from thousands of his supporters who had camped there for hours.

His oath was administered by lawyers Miguna Miguna and TJ Kajwang as his supporters cheered him on.

However, his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka, who was to be sworn in as the deputy president, was not present at the venue.

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Besigye congratulates Raila

“No one can doubt that these people have their president- People’s President!” Besigye said congratulating Odinga.

“A result of election results that aren’t believable. Making the point an important part of the struggle for democratic transition,” Besigye added.

Earlier, the Communication Authority of Kenya switched off several television stations for attempting to broadcast the ‘swearing in’ ceremony of former opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

KTN News, Citizen TV and radio, NTV, Inooro TV were switched off air on free-to-air platforms. The television stations however maintained the live broadcast on their digital and social media platforms.

Government officials had declared the ‘swear in’ as an act of treason.

The Kenya Union of Journalists has condemned the intimidation of media houses and journalists for covering the swearing in ceremony.

Besigye tackles NRM’s Opondo

Meanwhile, government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, used the victorious day for opposition across Africa to tackle Besigye.

“But Besigye,” Opondo stated, “You have held opposition hostage to your politics.”

He added: “At least Odonga Otto and Joseph Ssewungu are MPs elected to represent the views of their constituents at all times even without consultations.”

He was responding to a comment in which Besigye asked MPs Otto and Ssewungu to offer an alternative strategy if they don’t support his “Tubalemese campaign”.

“What Otto and Ssewungu were doing was itself a contradiction… whom did they consult to hold that press conference? On whose behalf were they responding?” Besigye said.

In response to Opondo’s remark, Besigye said he has not held anyone hostage in the opposition.

“What force do I use to hold anyone or the Opposition (parties) hostage? I am, myself, a prisoner/ hostage of NRM Junta most times!”