Kayihura must resign, be arrested-Kivumbi

Kayihura addressing press on Friday

Butambala County MP Muwanga Kivumbi has suggested that police chief Kale Kayihura turns in his badge and resigns from his office.

This followed the arrest by military of Abdallah Kitata, the leader of Boda Boda 2010, a group that Kayihura has been protecting and deploying on streets to beat up opposition supporters.

“You must go to the law and the mandate and know who does what. Under which watch did this come to happen? Should we blame the president or his servants?” Kivumbi wondered on Sunday.

He said most critically, it is not just Boda Boda 2010 but for the best of his knowledge, there are over 15 criminal groups.

All these militia groups were mentored by the security apparatus of this country which apparatus includes the IGP, Kivumbi alleged.

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“This insecurity and groups have power and are resource based. We need to put a perspective to all these things. The president must come out and explain.”

He said the criminal groups are using resources Ugandans give to the president in form of a “classified” budget.

Boda Boda 2010 is one of the many criminal groups, he said, adding that these groups were organised to counter a political force.

“It was conceived as a concept and sponsored by the state. IGP must resign — for this to happen under his watch, it is a failure on his part. Don’t be surprised when Kayihura is also arrested.”

According to radio personality, Basajja Mivule, recently released Paddy Serunjogi aka Ssobi who leads Kifeesi gang and Kitata are not the first ones.

“There are many thieves who have come out to say they work with the police. Uganda is among the few countries where thieves and thugs tell the head of police that they work with his people.”

According to Mivule, these people are victims of a collapsed system. These people are existing because they are being aided. If the system wasn’t dead, these people wouldn’t be existing.

He said Boda Boda 2010 has its jail and a store where they hide stolen boda bodas.

“I don’t base my facts on what is in newspapers, I do my own investigation — we went to their jail and store with the late Felix Kaweesi and found four people and 6 stolen motorcycles.”