Residents chase MP Lufafa from funeral 3rd time

Butembe County MP Nelson Lufafa

Residents of Butembe Constituency for the third time in a row chased Nelson Lufafa from a funeral threatening to lynch him for voting in favour of the age limit bill.

The Butembe Member of Parliament was over the weekend blocked from attending a funeral in Buwemba village in Budondo Sub-county.

Lufafa who had quietly attended the sombre ceremony was called upon by the master of the ceremony to address mourners as the area MP.

Unfortunately for him, residents who were alert did not allow Lufafa to speak. They shouted, jeered and booed, demanding that he leaves immediately or face their wrath.

They accuse him of going against their wishes and voting for President Museveni’s life presidency.

A third time?

This becomes a third time Lufafa is being chased from a public event, the first being at Mafubira Primary School where a group of youth nearly lynched him during age limit consultations.

On December 26, 2017, worshipers at Bugembe Cathedral Church of Uganda in Jinja District walked out of church when Lufafa was given a microphone to deliver his Christmas message.

When Lufafa was handed a microphone to speak, some worshipers walked out of the church accusing him misrepresenting their views in Parliament during the age limit bill debate.

Two women even shouted at him saying he sold his constituents in Parliament by voting for presidential age limit removal.

In November 2017, a section of Butembe County residents stoned Lufafa’s car during a consultative meeting.

The incident happened at Mafubira Primary School in Mafubira Sub-county where angry voters pelted stones at Lufafa’s car, damaging it considerably.

A group of youth wearing red ribbons around their heads stormed the venue singing the Uganda national anthem and anti-age limit rhetoric before their chorus degenerated into stone-throwing episodes.