Fake engineers arrested trying to slit throat of old woman

The suspects

Kira Division Police is holding two men for alleged attempted murder.

The two, disguised as electricity subcontractor workers, tried to slit the throat of a defenceless 51-year-old woman in Jjanda Namugongo Zone, Kira Municipality Wakiso District.

The suspects identified as Ssekiyivu Mohammed and Kibuuka Farouk were tipped off about a woman that had received Shs150m the previous day.

The two men disguised as HASO Engineers Company workers a company located in Kiwatule working as a subcontractor to UMEME (Uganda’s Leading Electricity Distribution Company) entered the premises of one Nasozi Victoria at around 1:30pm dressed in overalls and requested to inspect the YAKA meter.

The kids suspected the men were not behaving like electric workers hence decided to follow and monitor them as they inspected the meter.

It’s at this point that they were ordered to enter the bedroom, locked up and told to say their final prayers.

Victoria narrates that one of the men held her by the neck, pulled an axe from the trouser, a cello tape, and rope, hit her forehead and began to slit her throat with a small sharp knife.

It was at this point as the helpless woman began to cry begging for mercy that the house maid made a loud alarm through the back window attracting help and attention from all the neighbours.

Police was alerted immediately and swung in saving the men from being lynched by the angry mob.

While calming down the angry mob, DPC Kira Division ASP. Kiribwa Shifah advised the residents to tighten home security by always demanding for identification from the servicemen, always have numbers of the utility area managers and embrace the Mayumba Kumi System where everyone is one another’s keeper.

HASO Engineers Company Limited supervisors on visiting the police station could not identify and completely denied the two suspects being their employees.