Uganda is ours, time for Museveni exit—bishop

Bishop Zac Niringiye

Dr D Zac Niringiye, a bishop in the Church of Uganda committed to the cause of social justice and good governance, also agrees NRM is not a political party but just an organisation.

“Ask Amama Mbabazi if NRM is a political party he thought it was…What we really have today is injustice and repression,” Zac was appearing on NBS TV this week.

“We can no longer allow one person, who has clearly said he serves no one manage our money, no, no no, this country is ours.”

Bishop Zac said Ugandan MPs no longer serve the people, they serve one person as seen from what happened in parliament during the amendment of the Age Limit Bill.

According to Bishop Zac, the evidence that any leader is doing well isn’t his pronouncements but the quality of the lives of the people.

“The tragedy is president Museveni has made this a personal issue. Every citizen has a political call. It’s now the citizens’ right to stand up and say this rubbish and nonsense must stop.”

The bishop said anything worth has a risk. “We must do the right thing. We can’t continue to serve only one person who says he serves himself. This country is ours.”

According to him, the state has been captured, it’s a personal state and the institutions are now serving an individual.

“How does this government want to spend our taxes? African Union recommended that the minimum for budget on agriculture should be 10%, Zac says he has been tracking the national budget and it has never gone above 3.5%.

One of the biggest products the banks are giving are salary loans, he stated, explaining that the country is in a very bad place.

“This government has completely failed. If your religious leaders are not talking about this situation and they continue to ask for more collection, ask them who they serve.”

He said it is not about prayer only, it’s more than just a prayer — people must work hard.

According to the bishop, Ugandans are in a country where people are going to pastors for miracles, people are waiting for miracles – they are praying for cars and houses yet these are things one can get through hard work.

“We can’t allow one country to hold a good programme for us. It’s upon us to make it happen. The time is now.”

He added: “It’s not how he feels, it is about this country. We are saying we should negotiate his exit and have a national dialogue.”