Museveni meets Red Cross couple kidnapped by his NRA fighters

Museveni with Pirre and Christine

President Museveni has described as “nostalgic” his meeting with Dr Pierre Perrin, the former head of the International Committee of the Red Cross and his wife, Christine.

The couple worked for the Red Cross during the NRA bush war and they were “kidnapped” by the bush warriors in January 1984.

Christine was released but Pierre was brought to Museveni, at Ngoma, about 20 miles away.

“He stayed with me for about three weeks, treating some patients in our camp,” Museveni recalled.

“My people wanted me to hold him as ransom because he had been mainly working for the other side but I discouraged the idea, which was criminal.”

Victoria University

For Christine and her other colleagues who were set free, they walked for two nights under guidance of NRA fighters and thereafter boarded a truck full of matooke to get back to their workplace.

When they reported the incident to the police, there were attempts to coerce them to accuse the guerrillas of mistreating them, something they rejected.

President Milton Obote also called them, asking, “Why did you go to see Museveni, is he sick?” Obote thought Pierre was working for Museveni. He later expelled them from Uganda.

They then went back to their country, Switzerland, and got married.

“I am glad I have met them again. They live in the UK now, I wish them good health and a long life,” Museveni said.