No one will disturb peace, Museveni eulogises emissaries killed by Kony


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has said that the peace enjoyed by Ugandans cannot be disturbed by anyone following the great sacrifices made by the people of Uganda.

The President was speaking at the memorial mass of the late Prince Bernard Richard Olanya Lagony and other members of his family in Bunga Raa village, Koch Goma Sub-county, Nwoya District.

“We are here to remember the sacrifice of a teacher who was killed in a cowardly way when he was working for peace. When negotiating peace, it is in bad faith for any of the two parties to eliminate envoys of either group,” he said.

The President was eulogizing Prince Bernard Richard Olanya Lagony and Okot Ogoni the two peace emissaries abducted and killed on June 10, 1996 in Pagik village, Cwero Sub-county in Nwoya district by Kony rebels who they had gone to discuss peace with.

Kony allegedly ordered for the killing of the two elders, who were part of the Council of Elders Peace Committee on suspicion that they were making money out of the peace process.

During the LRA insurgency, government formed a peace team led by the then Minister for Northern Uganda Pacification, Betty Bigombe with Prince Lagony and Ogony as part of the team.

Prince Lagony, a primary school teacher was also a brother to one of the top rebel commanders Brigadier Otti Lagony.

The late Olanya Lagony is the father of President Museveni’s Aide-de-Camp (ADC) Major Koch Mugabe.

The President revealed that while in the bush in 1984, the Uganda People’s Congress party that was in power at the time sent Sam Katabarwa, a National Resistance Army contact in Nairobi to tell him that the government wanted to have peace talks.

He said that after thinking about the peace talks offer, he wondered why they must be held in Kampala and not a neutral place but Katabarwa reassured him that the government would not kill them.

He said when Katabarwa went back to deliver the message from the NRA he was killed by the UPC government.

The President said that no sensible person should kill peace envoys because they leave behind their colleagues who avenge the death.

He said that the government would offer assistance to families of other liberators that were killed for their efforts to ensure peace in the area.