‘Kawempe Republic’: Youth elect president, name Bobi Wine & Kadaga prime ministers

A photoshopped picture of an alleged airline for Kawempe Republic

At the start of January 2018, Wandegeya police arrested seven men for allegedly inciting violence and holding an unlawful procession.

The group of over 150 youth calling itself “Poor Youth” stormed areas around Wandegeya traffic lights under “One way campaign” with intention of disrupting the city by putting business and traffic flow to a standstill.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesman, Owoyesigyire Luke, identified the ringleader of the group as Kaggwa Vicent.

The other eight suspects were identified as Musoke Elias, Muwanguzi Samuel, Magala Steven, Ssemakula Eric, Magabe Robert and Muhiirwe Jimmy.

The youth who were protesting high levels of unemployment, declared that Kawempe, a Kampala suburb, would break away from Uganda and become an independent republic.

The declaration came after north Members of Parliament threatened to secede from Uganda and form a “West Nile Republic”, accusing President Museveni of abrogating the constitution to make himself a president for life.

Not long ago, the president defeated the “Yira Republic” which was being formed by a group of “radicals” in Kasese district. They too accused government of harassment and neglect hence chose to form their own country.

–Kawempe Republic—

Following the Wandegeya riot, police quickly arrest Robin Wabulembo and his group on information that they were buying old tyres with intent to burn, block major city roads and junctions.

Another photoshopped image of an alleged passport

This came after former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, launched the “Tubalemese Campaign” aimed at boycotting companies owned by the ruling party NRM members.

Robin was previously arrested last year for dropping yellow pigs at Makerere University.

At the same time, a picture of a passport written on “Republic of United Kawempe” made rounds on social media.

A similar picture also came up of a young man posing on a plane written on “Kawempe Airlines”. All pictures are a product of photoshop.

Secession letter to Museveni

Just after Robin’s arrest, youth wrote to the police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima, announcing the “Republic of Kawempe”.

“Uganda Police (UPF) long ceased to maintain security and protection of Ugandans and their property as mandated for the police force,” reads the letter headlined “Republic of Kawempe…office of the president”.

It adds: “It is now very obvious and globally known that the UPF mandate has been and is increasingly even more pronounced that your vested interest is not to protect Ugandans or their property.”

The letter is published on behalf of H.E Walakiira Hamiidu Luutu [President of Kawempe Republic] and endorsed by Hon. Drake Mboowa, the Minister of Energy Kawempe Republic.

The letter says police has chosen to protect the Life Presidency of Museveni and “ensured that not only does Uganda know this, but the entire UPF is on live cameras globally clobbering Ugandans and shooting innocent unarmed citizens to death”.

“Kawempe Republic will have nothing to do with a murderous police force. We have noted in your communication that you are attempting to tag our noble cause for our Republic of Kawempe with your usual useless NRM connected youth and even as far as thinking that it is Hon. John Amama Mbabazi (JPAM) who is behind The Kawempe Republic,” the letter went on.

It said one thing Kayima can do to redeem police is to immediately release “all the innocent youth” UPF is holding in coolers without charges, past the 48 hour holding minimum as per the constitution without producing them in courts of law.

“You do know that this is against the Uganda Constitution (whatever is left of it that we can salvage).  Thank you. We are moving forward and we will keep moving forward.”

–CMI, Police start hunt–

The leaders of the new republic while announcing their cabinet claimed that operatives from the Police Flying Squad and Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence [CMI] were on the hunt for them.

They are accused of inciting Ugandans into violence and lawlessness.

According to the leaders, security believes “Kawempe Republic” is a brain child of the leadership of the illegal “Uganda Poor Youth Movement” patronised by former Prime Minister and Presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi.

It is believed the group was modelled on the NRM Poor Youth group that was headed by Luzindana Adam, Kato Isa and Kirekyankuba Richard.

Security further believes the youth are getting funding from foreigners to destabilise the country through protests in Kampala.


To show their seriousness, the youth have since announced the cabinet that will steer forward the New Independent Republic of Kawempe.

“In Exercise of Powers conferred on the President by the Revolutionary Council Of The Independent Republic of Kawempe, I have made a few changes and appointed the Vice President, the Prime Minister, appointed Cabinet Ministers,” says H.E Walakiira Hamiidu Luutu, President of Kawempe Republic.

“President Walakiira Luutu” removed the position of State Ministers to avoid duplication of duties.

H.E. the Vice President ─ HON. MUNYAGWA MUBARAK

  1. Rt. Hon. Prime Minister ─ KYAGULANYI SSENTAMU
  2. Deputy Prime Minister & Deputy Leader of Gov’t Business in Parliament–─ HON.KADAGA REBECCA
  3. Min of Educ &Sports ─ HON. BASEREKA DALAUSI
  4. Minister of Public Service ─ HON.HERBERT ANDERSON BURORA

5.Minister Of Foreign Affairs-MWIMA JAMES

  1. Minister of Trade, Industry & Cooperatives─ HON. MUTUMBA GEORGE
  2. Min of Internal Affairs ─ HON.LUKONDO VICTOR
  3. Min of Agriculture, Animal & Fisheries─ HON. KIREKYANKUBA
  4. Minister of Finance and Economic Planning─ HON. MUWANGUZI SAM
  5. Minister of Religious Affairs─ HON.SSENTEZA MUBARAK
  6. Minister of Health ─ SSEMAMBO SALIM
  7. Minister of Works and Transport─ SSEGIRINYA MUHAMAD
  8. Minister of Lands, Housing & Urban Development -SSEMAKULA ERIC
  9. Minister of Water & Environment-ABIRIGA IBRAHIM
  10. Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs-DAMULIRA ABDUL KARIM

16.Attorney General-KIBERU MALIK

  1. Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs─ KIWANUKA ASHIRAF
  2. Min of Information, ICT ─ HON.ZIGGWA MICHEAL
  3. Minister in Charge of General Duties/Office of the President & Prime Minister─ SSEKYANZI JACKSON
  4. Minister of Disaster Preparedness – MAYANJA JOSEPH CHAMELEONE
  5. Minister of Security -KIDANDALA SULAIMAN





  1. Minister of Gender $ Labour ─ HON. KAJUMBA JAMILAH

24.Minister In Charge of Ethics and Integrity- HON.MPANGA WILLIAMS

The appointments take immediate effect [signed January 10, 2018.